Small G-claw logo Godley ISD Call to Action

Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Character

our beliefs We believe that:

    • Community engagement is vital to learning and promoting accountability in all students.
    • Education gives students a solid foundation for a successful future.
    • Balancing and understanding academic and personal goals will prepare learners for the future.
    • All learners with proper guidance can develop the motivation to persevere through any challenge.
    • Meaningful and relevant work engages students in profound learning.
  • A safe and friendly environment is essential to student learning.
our call

to action

Empowering Students to Lead
our learner outcomes All learners will…

    • Be capable of consistently setting personal and professional goals.
    • Be capable of applying persistence and reason when pursuing endeavors.
    • Become productive, contributing citizens.
    • Show academic growth from year to year and demonstrate a continued interest in learning.
    • Communicate effectively using a variety of methods and media.
  • Graduate prepared with the knowledge to continue their education in college and/or a career.
our learner profile The learner will…

    • Develop a solid foundation in reading, writing, and math.
    • Utilize a variety of multimedia/ digital tools for learning, communication, and collaboration.
    • Have the ability to differentiate and apply appropriate social and professional communication skills.
    • Develop and apply critical thinking, creativity,  and problem solving skills.
  • Exhibit integrity and moral character.
our goals We will…

    • Uphold standards that are clear, attainable, and high so that learners can experience challenges and success.
    • Incorporate a balanced and focused instructional setting.
    • Empower students with the digital tools necessary to lead in tomorrow’s world.
    • Proactively plan and prepare for the growth of our community.
    • Build and maintain regional and local partnerships to strengthen and broaden students’ exposure to opportunities.
    • Utilize various forms of assessments and feedback to evaluate student performance and growth.
  • Utilize a system that promotes accountability and transparency to ensure our actions align with our core beliefs.
our non-


    • Make every decision in the best interest of learners.
    • Be professional at all times.
    • When a problem arises, follow the chain of command
  • Be a team player.