GISD values and equips teachers as designers of engaging lessons and was recognized as “Top Ranked District for Teacher Support” by

  • Innovative calendar for 2018-19 with multiple teacher planning days to allow teachers to design engaging, high-quality lessons.
  • Digital tools –  GISD supplies the latest digital tools and training necessary to teach today’s 21st-century learner.
  • District of Innovation –   Classroom teachers are encouraged and empowered to innovate their learning environment but NOT pressured to!
  • Small class sizes – Despite our steady growth, GISD strives to maintain low teacher/student ratios (primary below 20 and secondary below 25).
  • Excellent training – GISD provides a variety of advanced training at no cost, supports, encourages teachers to be life-long learners by offering stipends for advanced degrees.

GISD Employee Perks

  • Full-day Pre-K – discounted for employee’s children
  • Insurance Contribution – GISD contributes $325. per month toward TRS health insurance
  • Teacher Retirement – GISD contributes to TRS for all eligible employees
  • Tax Sheltered Annuities – Staff members have options of tax-sheltered annuities provided by approved companies.
  • Catastrophic Sick Bank –  Staff members may participate in an employee sick bank that allows employees to  “donate” local days and/or use days donated by others in the event of a catastrophic illness.
  • Double Rock Homes – GISD employees receive a discount approximately = to no closing costs on a brand new home!
  • Mentor Teacher Program – GISD provides mentor teachers and additional training to all new teacher and paraprofessional employees.
  • AT & T –  GISD employees receive 15% discount
  • Verizon –  GISD employees receive 20% discount on service and 30% on accessories

Teacher Grant and Educational Opportunities

  • Johnson/Somervell Counties Retired Teachers Association grant for $200.
  • Texas Retired Teacher Association – New Teacher Grant for $750. and Active Teacher Grant for $500.
  • Computer offers $1000 to teachers that complete the free course, pass the CS 8-12 test and add it to their certificate.
  • Texas Wesleyan University – GISD employees receive a 15% individual discount and a 20% cohort discount

Wellness Opportunities

  • Camp Gladiator – GISD is a host-site for Camp Gladiator and staff receives a 5-10% discount on membership dues.
  • YMCA –  GISD employees are offered a 20% discount on membership with joining fees waived with a payroll deduction.

GISD Promotional Events

  • Godley Texas Ranger Day – April 14, 2019, May 23, 2018, July 25, 2017, were designated as Godley day at the ballpark (detailed information will be provided as soon as future dates become available).