A message from Superintendent Dr. Rich Dear…..

In Godley ISD, it is our responsibility to spend time and resources to provide teachers with the support and tools they need to challenge our students with innovative teaching. Today’s learner  interacts with the world in ways that many of us would never have imagined when we first entered a classroom. We believe it is our duty to engage our students with relevant and meaningful work that ignites their passions. Our teachers are empowered to improve student learning by developing innovative teaching strategies to respond to the diverse needs of every child, which will, in turn, equip all students with the tools necessary to lead in tomorrow’s ever-changing world.

The first belief statement in our GISD strategic design states that community engagement is vital to learning and promoting accountability in all students. This means that schools and community are one in the same. We all desire for our children to achieve success, and developing meaningful partnerships with the community we serve is essential to achieve this goal.

Welcome to Godley ISD.

Rich Dear, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Godley Independent School District
Twitter @richdear